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skin food, face lifts and love potions

We had another fabulous event on Valentines Day. It really was a joyful mix of talented people who came to share their passions with Skin Food - Face The Earth

We began with Dr Mark Donohoe who gave us an insight into why our guts are so utterly essential to nurture and feed with the right probotics for radiant skin. Dr Mark Donohoe from Mosman Integrative Medicine told the crowd he has seen great improvement in skin conditions in his patients who eat stewed Granny Smith apples with probitotics sprinkled on to them.

Eilish takes us through her 3 minute meditation. Kundalini means awareness, so knowing who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and living into your potential. After 7 minutes meditating.. our brain patterns begin to shift and the magnetic field surrounding the body increases in strength. She took us through some beautiful and challenging postures.

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Was my message... I talked about the benefits I have found from eating less meat and transitioning into a purely vegan diet. Having been a cordon bleu chef that cooked with butter, cream and sugar all my life... my decision to switch to eating no meat, eggs or fish occurred for ethical reasons and because it suited my body best.

Here is the recipe I cooked for our lunch.. Plant Eater Dahl with Mango, Lime and Cashew Mayonnaise and my super seed hemp mix.. it went down a storm. With everyone coming back for seconds! Join my Circuit Breakers six week On Line Cookery Course which I have designed for anyone looking to eat less meat and include more delicious recipes that include vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and in their diets. It doesn't mean you have to go the whole 'hog' .. not sure that's politically correct! However, the recipes and techniques will benefit everyone and introduce you to new superfoods.

This is a fabulous recipe that can double up as a dressing for fish or chicken and makes a great dip or spread in a flatbread.

Everybody came back for more!

Age is just a number! At 61 Kim Rumble looks sensational from the Compound Pharmacy . She shares with us the supplements that can assist our skins as we enter into the menopause.

You say Bone Broth ... and I say Vegan.. !! Krys and I did a little double act of you say tomate-toe and I say tomart-toe

Artist, Tinkie Quinn shares her intentions behind each dream catcher work of art she creates from the things she finds in the forest.

Tinkie weaves the magic of ancient mantra into her dream catchers, she makes the intention to bring divine love into the lives of the owners. She shared with us that she lives a strict vegan lifestyle and believes that we are all spirit souls sharing this planet together, that no one life is less or more important than another.

Tinkie made us Valentines Love Potions!

Next Annina shared with us her famous pantry skin care programme. Using everyday foods to cleanse and moisturise her skin. Having suffered with eczema she uses natural foods on her skin for great effect!

1. Honey Cinnamon Face Mask – Scrub for Glowing Skin 2. Avocado, Banana Olive Oil Mask 3. Healthy Skin – Turmeric, Coconut Oil Mask 4. Healthy Shiny White Teeth with charcoal 5. Apple Cider Vinegar as a cleanser 6. Charcoal Blackheads Remover

Everyone loved the opportunity to do something completely different and create a willow heart for their loved ones under the guidance of Artist Penny Simons.

We can create & buy objects that will eventually decompose rather than contribute to our ever growing mountain of waste. The act of making is more about the process itself than the end result

Penny told us how connected we can feel with nature when we work with natural crafts. Leave only footprints, take only memories.

Krys Lojek shares with us her detox recipes from her Revive Detox programme .... which included a red cabbage salad that can be packed into a glass jar and taken to work and she made a delicious super green smoothie. Packed with antioxidants.. a green juice is a great support for the liver and kidneys. Which in turn assists with eliminating toxins.

Chef Steffen talked through the delicious ingredients he uses for his Roasted Cauliflower and Chickpea Salad that we ate for lunch. So Yummy!

Next Alex Luffman talked us through the different dairy alternatives that are great for people who are intolerant to dairy milk. We learnt how to make an Almond Milk and the the wonders of Macadamia Cheese. My absolute favourite thing about eating plant foods is that I can still enjoy the flavour of cheese and milk without the dairy.

Alex straining the pulp through a nut bag. We were thrilled to have Honest to Goodness who gave all our attendees their beautiful recyclable bags and offered their products us to use in the demonstrations.

As always we give back as a group to others. This time we were able to offer a personal friend of mine support. Liz Foster is part of a a lively active Bootcamp which helps with rehabilitation for women who are gaining their strength back after Breast Cancer therapy.

Getting out and keeping fit helps in more ways than one. We were thrilled to share the proceeds of the day's event to Liz's Cancer Fit Bootcamp who meet every Saturday at 8am at Bradfield Park under the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Thankyou to everyone who bought at ticket or bought a raffle ticket! We raised $304 for the bootcamp!

Fiona Donohoe gave us a wonderful time with her Facelift Yoga.. we all joined in with some hilarious face excersies!

I was thrilled to have Sophie Luff fly in from Melbourne to be the one that was such an incredible back up support supremo.... she sold raffle tickets, charmed and welcomed the guests..she also won the pot of celery prize...! Well actually that came off the demonstrating table!

So looking forward to our next event in June.. after my Circuit Breaker Cookery Course I believe we may have some serious converts by then!

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