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It's been a rocky road, but it's alright now...

The last year no doubt has been a tad 'rocky', but looking on the bright side of life. There is always time for a morsel of this magic raw rocky road to make a day sparkle. I like it with a cup of daisy tea or chamomile to soothe my woes.

Throw this combination together and pack into a slab, no cooking required. Ideal for hacking off chunks when the need comes for a little light relief from all these lock down stresses and shenanigans. Even better, cobble it together and give as s a gift for someone you know needs a lift.

My recipe in true style does not contain anything 'nasty' and certainly no marshmallows. However if you insist, add them.. but really the sugar crash in my opinion is not worth it. As the energy hit you get from these is much more balanced and sustaining.

Lockdown Raw Rocky Road

Lockdown Raw Rocky Road

makes about 20 -25 pieces, depending on how small your slices

625ml melted coconut oil

55g cacao powder or 80% dark chocolate, melted

1 pinch salt

100ml maple syrup

200g almond meal

110g walnuts, whole

120g macadamia nuts, halved

50g pistachio nuts,

120g goji berries

85g dried cranberries or sour cherries

Lightly grease a 34cm x 24cm shallow baking tin. Base line with a greaseproof and lightly grease the sides with a little coconut oil.

Mix together the melted coconut oil, cacao powder or melted chocolate, salt, maple syrup and almond meal in a bowl and stir until well combined. Add the remaining ingredients and stir until well combined. Spoon into the prepared tin and refrigerate until set for about 45minutes. I like to keep it in the freezer and carve off random chunks when in need!

Daisy Chain Tea

Daisy tea is very refreshing and has a pleasant, lemony taste. It is joyful to use these pretty flowers if they grow abundantly around you. Children usually love to collect them and what a great way to teach them about nature and foraging for food. It's a good entry level for children or any of us.

Add 1 tsp dried flowers or 2 tsp of fresh flowers to an herb cafetiere, pot or pan. Pour on 1 cup of boiled water. Allow to infuse for 10 mins. Strain. Drink. Drink 1-4 cups daily.

Health Benefits

Daisies are an excellent source of vitamin C.

Traditionally used to ease colds, coughs, sinusitis & catarrh.

Some sources recommend it to counter excessive tiredness.

It has also been used to ease mild diarrhoea because it is astringent. Astringent plants tighten the surface of the tissues lining different parts of the body (for example, think of the action of a toner on the skin: this tightens the surface of the skin and closes the pores).


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