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Creative content for the 'new normal'?

Honoured to be invited by Eilish Bouchier from immaterialbydesign to speak and be part of a live, global and virtual Creative Business School Immersion for entrepreneurs, creatives, rebels and mavericks, who want actionable guidance on how to navigate the new online emerging reality.

Love you to join me this Friday Morning when I will be presenting ‘Creating The Magic Through Visual Styling For Social Media’ at this rather epic online event.

I can save you a complimentary spot if you message here. My workshop is called ‘Creating The Magic Through Visual Styling For Social Media’.

I will be sharing my approach, method and process that I hope results in content, visuals and video that is easy to understand and visually appealing at a ‘glance’....which is about as much time as we get these days in the age of busy fingers and a crowded online world.

I will share what works for me, working solo and being a jack of all trades, what tech short cuts I find work the best to implement creative images and videos. Might work for you? As we enter the twilight online era of the ‘new normal’. However, so excited to be in great company ... can’t wait to hear these amazing people speak... #wordsofwisdom Let me know if you would like to join us, you can pop in and out and listen/watch/ ask questions ..

Reserve your complimentary spot here. There will be a chance to re watch for 48 hour after the event. 

OPPORTUNITIES: Pivots, Transitions & Possibilities.

If you can't make the day, I will be launching different ways I can help you on a one to one basis.. OPTION 1. Short personal snap shot tutorial with you to help you reach your tribe and get to the bottom of your brand. 30 Min calls plus Caroline's 'Style, Image, Edit' starter pdf.

Who's it for? Small instagrammers and small freelancers who are looking to improve their photo quality, style and posting appeal. ​Cost; £50 per 30 min, £90 per hour

OPTION 2. 1 x 3 hour  'Style, Image & Edit' online group workshop (Dates to be announced) You will have access to all Caroline's experience, tips, techniques, and you will create  three x 30 second videos on the day, plus we will workshop enough material for 10 more themed posts/videos that represent you and your brand going forward. 

Who's it for? Freelancers, small cafe owners, restauranteurs, foodie grammars who are new to marketing on Instagram and social media. You will learn how to shoot, edit, style and create memorable videos and posts with ease following Caroline's process and methodology.

Cost: £250, includes 'Style, Image, Edit' creative tool kit

OPTION 3. 'Keep Your Customers' one on one consultation for small restaurants, cafes, food providers who need to diversify in the short or long term. Caroline will work with you to create an online presence that depicts your business and attracts your new and old clients back. We will look at website, social media accounts and all marketing outlets to create a campaign that tells your customers what you are doing in an engaging attractive way.

Who's this for? Restaurants, cafe owners, food suppliers. Looking to reinvent their business from live restaurant experience to an online delivery, mail order or take away service.

Cost: £90 per hour negotiable according to your needs and budget.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call on Friday and let me know if I can help you in any other way.

All best



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