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Snacking to Success



When hitting the programme.. it's best to be prepared with your snacks.. so you can stay on track. is the best way of staying on track. Fill your pantry with a few of these and holding on to this healthy lifestyle will be easier in the long run wink emoticon SNACKS.. *Isagenix Isalean bars.. 1/4 in the morning and 1/4 in the afternoon. Other Isa bars I love are the Fibre Snacks (they don't last long). The Isa Delight chocolates dipped into mint tea (thanks Jane Curtis) and the Slim cakes go down a treat with a cup of tea in the afternoon ... again I have to hide them in my house.

*Little Frittatas if you want to feel more adventurous. I like to keep this for kids lunchboxes too. *Boiled egg is a fantastic and easy snack. Hard boil a few and keep them in the fridge. Season with Sea salt and ground black pepper and dusting of chilli. *Celery or apple slices with a smearing of peanut butter works too. *Raw Almonds are a great clean protein snack but don't get too munchy with them... I like to activate them. * A slice of watermelon with a dollop of cottage cheese or ricotta and sprinkled with seeds make a really fun juicy snack when you crave, sweet/savoury. *Coconut Bliss Balls.. there is an array of combinations and they are fantastic to have after working out with a cup of herbal tea. *Ryvita Toppers: quick and easy to throw together. Guacamole, lime and radish, Ricotta, cinnamon, honey and cherry slices Avocado and hard boiled egg slices Greek Yoghurt with Cucumber and mint *Veggie sticks with dips. I keep the sticks ready and prepared in zip lock bags. And make up a batch of houmous or guacamole and keep in the fridge. I will add the recipes for the Frittatas, Bliss Balls and Activated Almonds soon ;-)

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