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Welcome to Caroline Marson’s Food Styling - Where Every Dish Tells a Story


Hey there! Dive into the colouful and creative world of Caroline Marson, where great food is just the beginning. At Caroline Marson Food Styling, we’re all about turning your food dreams into eye-catching realities. Whether it’s whipping up killer recipes, snapping gorgeous food photos, or setting the style scene, Caroline brings a dash of her 25+ years of experience right to your table, all from the heart of South East UK.


Explore and Experience

Take a look around Caroline’s website to get a taste of her experience. From her Wellness Events in Australia to Wild Ivy Retreat events in the UK, there’s plenty to explore. Dive into the 6-week Plant Based Cookery course packed with insights for those interested in reducing meat consumption. Discover Caroline’s daily rituals in the Eat For Health section, empowering our bodies through nutrition. Plus, check out her artwork—perfect for sprucing up your kitchen. Interested in a painting? Just let Caroline know!


A Commitment to Community and Nature

It’s not all about what’s on the plate. Caroline is super active in local conservation, from rewilding projects to championing animal welfare. Plus, as the elected Borough Dacorum Councillor for Tring Rural and Tring West, she’s mixing her love for good food with her passion for the planet and the people on it.


Join Me

Ready to change the way you see and taste food? Get in touch with Caroline Marson for top-notch food styling and photography that’s all about innovation and sustainability. Let’s make something beautiful together. Reach out, or connect with Caroline on LinkedIn to start cooking up new ideas!

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