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meatless monday 

Even though I would not class myself as vegan anymore, I will never again consume dairy, including cheese, cows milk, pig (pork), cow, (beef) sheep, lamb, kangaroo, deer, squirrel, rat, frogs legs, ducks, foie gras, geese, goats, turkeys, or any other sentient being.
Not JUST for my health, the health of the planet, but because I believe we must respect the lives of all living creatures, big or small. And ensure they are not enslaved into these horror factory 'farms'. 

Maybe vegan could be for you? I'm not adverse to it. It was just too hard core for my body.

I do believe if you have been bought up as a meat eater all your life and suddenly dramatically reduce certain meat proteins. It may not be the right decision for you. If you are from an Indian vegetarian family with ancestors who have all been vegan. Then that is a different story. 
 For your own reasons, why not try making every monday a meatless monday?  Or simply reduce your meat in take when you can. 
I will update this section every week so look out for
  our dairy free , happy hen  and meat free recipes here. 

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