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Is it a Festival or an 'Experience'?

Hello! Just a quick HAPPY CHRISTMAS, THANKYOU and a shower of confetti a la 'Coldplay' to everyone who supported us in 2016 with our Wellness Project Events in Mosman .. .. they have been a beautiful evolving experience and we hope they have enlightened many of you, they have certainly lifted me up in 2016.

So for the next bonanza we are spreading our wings and launching The Wellness Project events into an EXPERIENCE..... Oooooo I hear you say... or could it be a FESTIVAL?!

We have clocked up some fantastic hours of recipes, talks and fun with our 3 sell out events Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day, Brain Food and Sugar Addiction. But Yup we are expanding, thanks to the feedback we were given from our loyal followers and attendees .. who told us they had numb bum... and itchy feet which was a theme.

So we listened and are going to get you up and moving about in a bigger space!

The beautiful Mosman Art Gallery offers a HUGE space and allows us to welcome many more enlightened people to share their wisdom and mingle with other like minds.

Our next event is SKIN FOOD - FACE THE EARTH on Valentines Day 14th February 2017

Everyone who is attending shares the same values that food is medicine and nature provides great healing benefits.

SKIN is our greatest assest, and our largest organ that needs feeding good stuff to keep it supple and glowing. We will be whipping up our kitchen favourites that nurtures the outside as well as the inside , we will discussing the best beneficial foods and experiencing them on our skins..

Yes...! That's where the 'experience' comes in. There will be super skin food trolley of scrubs, massage, herbal wonders to cleanse and rejuvenate. So bring a clean face and towel.. things might gety dirty!

Plus... we've got COFFEE...! Delicious Organic Street Food made with Love from ❤ AGAPÉ

from Ancient Greek agapé means

A love feast shared as a sign of love and fellowship.. which is right up our street! Their food is organic food is DIVINE and Simon the Head Chef will making us some beautiful skin food, just for our event!

Willow heart workshops from Rural Artisan Living will nourish our spirits with hands on heart making for you to take home and live music and meditation to give soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Plus Yogis and beauty secret talks from local natural skin experts, Integrated Doctors and nutritionists, Ayurvedic healing recipes to soothe and nurture our cells. All with the same view that great lasting health begins on the plate. Bring an open heart, clean fresh face and a face towel!

Plus we might even have spots available with local make up artists using the best organic makeup to help you feel shiny and new for Valentines Day.

As always we partner with a worthy cause. And this time we are honoured to support our great friend Liz Foster with half of all our proceeds going to her health and wellness Cancer Charity that supports women going through cancer treatments with positive, healthy activities and nurturing.

Check out their story here...

We can't wait to see you all again in our new, bigger FESTIVAL EXPERIENCE.. with space to spread our wings! Have a very Happy Christmas and we hope to see you again in 2017.

Save your spots here for SKIN FOOD - FACE THE EARTH .. there is a special early bird price or $20 until January Monday 9th. Plus buy 3 tickets and get the 3rd one free!

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