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Sugar Free Energy breakfasts...

I am eager to share with you what I will be cooking at The Wellness Projects latest event next week... SWEET ADDICTION. break the cycle on Thursday 17th November at Boronia House.

Breakfasts are always a difficult one. So many of us have grown up on sugary cereals and toast! It's hard to break that habit.

The name of the meal is a clue. Break... Fast.... We need to break the over night fast! Ideally with a nutritious meal that contains good fats, quality protein, carbs and plant based foods. And not sugar. Which plays havoc with our bodies.

Personally I have found I love a superfood smoothie whizzed up in my nutri bullet or Thermomix ... it's quick and easily absorbable in the body, great for the days when I'm on the run.. it's the perfect start. In our house we all have our favourite smoothies.. mine is maca, progurt yoghurt or keffir, coconut oil, Isagenix diary free shake, Collegen gelatine powder from GPA, liver powder, chia seeds, cacao nibs and frozen berries!! It's bombastic!

However, I do change it up regularly. A big favourite is a bone broth soup in a mug with with chopped kale and veggies with added chicken or tofu or halloumi cheese (for Freddie). Or sometimes it might be left over ratatouille with chicken and cheese with a bag of baby spinach heated through it. I know it seems back to front. But the sugary, croissant, jam, muffin scenario.. is never going to do our energy or blood sugar balance much good and the fry up of bacon, sausage hash browns is not really hitting the mark for me either.

However, eggs are an absolute winner in my eyes.. Great on toast, and I recently discovered scrambling them with leftover cauliflower rice or another favourite is simply boiled with toasted gluten free soldiers with lashings of butter for old times sake and of course poached on toast with spinach and slow roasted tomatoes.

I'm finding it harder and harder to eat pork especially bacon or ham with added nitrate. Pigs in general are so badly treated It's almost unbearable to imagine their suffering. So I give that kind of processed meat a wide berth for many reasons.

So here is my sweet Potato pancakes with Salmon, cashew cream or ricotta and Turmeric Saukraut. The traditional pancakes can lack nutrients and are hard to digest, leaving you feeling lethargic and bloated. These pancakes are made with lively and healthy, easy to digest ingredients.

sweet potato pancakes

Sweet potato provides long lasting energy. Easy to digest and full of antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin C. I've used millet flour which is gently on the tummy and I've used Ricotta or you could use a a vegan alternative like cashew cream if you are avoiding dairy.

I'm a big fan of salmon as a morning protein which is has great fats and omegas along with the powerhouse fruit avocado. I've also topped this pancake with another favourite tummy soother turmeric saukraut.

You can make the pancakes ahead of time and cook from frozen and choose your own toppings. I will be sharing the Sweet Potato Pancake recipe on the day.. for those who can't make It I will post it here also. I will be sharing lots more creative ways to change up your breakfast so you are cutting back on sugar and powering up on nutrition. Just remember not to skip it.. your day to day breakfast load needs to be nutrient dense and power packed.

If you are coming on Thursday.. can't wait to see you. We've got a stellar line up as usual.. Nutritionist Kry's Lojek will be giving us the facts and transitional menu planner to wean you off sugar. Dr Mark Donohoe from the Integrated Medical practice will be sharing his medical knowledge around Diabetes, the fabulous Chef Steffen will be cooking a sensational vegan pudding for us to share and taste, Eilisch Bouchier will be taking us through techniques and tools we can use to reduce addictive habits. Plus fabulous raw cacao chocolate tastings and prizes from Lee Holmes and Premium membership to Business Chicks worth $199.

Ohhhh and its free!! What's there not to like?

sweet Potato pancakes

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