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Eating better to maximize our human potential

I'm an absolute advocate for eating 'real' food as you know I love cooking and believe that sharing a meal with friends, loved ones or family is the best thing we can do to show our love and respect for each other.. However, in the real world.. sadly much of the food we eat is undernourished. By that I mean it's grown in soil that has been so poisoned by herbicides and pesticides, the mirco organisms are no longer present. Many people are under the misconception that by eating organic and limiting their carbs, they are eating well.

If our soil is depleted of trace minerals to the point where we are only getting 15 to 20 trace minerals in the best foods we eat, when the body requires 70 + trace minerals to work at maximum efficiency, what then? How can anyone think they are going to eat for the ultimate in human health and performance? It makes no sense.

The following is a very interesting study done on nutritional content of Spinach by UCLA that much of our natural foods are undernourished.

The Spinach Study

“In 1997 UCLA conducted a study of the effects of iron. They had a sample of spinach grown back in 1953. Several women were reported as being anaemic even though they were supposedly eating a lot of spinach salads. So they compared samples of spinach from 1997 with that grown in 1953. It was concluded that you would have to eat 43 bowls of spinach in 1997 to equal just 1 bowl in 1953! Not only was the spinach deficient in iron, but other minerals as well. As a consequence, when you do not have minerals sufficient, the body cannot use the vitamins. The UCLA study showed: “Spinach’s potassium content dropped by 53%, its phosphorus by 70%, its iron by 60% and its copper by 96%.”

spinach study

There is hope..

After hitting the 'change of life' in my mid 40's I really felt bloated and I was spiralling out of control, not sleeping well, not able to shift my muffin top, very reliant on stimulants such as coffee, sweet foods and alcoholic beverages! My body always felt tired and lacking. I suffered mood swings and a feeling of permanent overwhelm. After a recommendation from a friend to try a nutritional overhaul programme.. I met with my holistic doctor, I began to supplement my diet with the right trace minerals, nutritional supplements and vitamins and included regular cleansing, I also cut out foods that were not suiting me like bread and gluten and I upped my exercise and activity.

The result.. my energy, skin, wellness, mental clarity and moods sky rocketed. My cravings for sweet foods and stimulants were gone as my body seemed to be satiated. Three years later I continue to feed my body with same dense nutrition, and now being over 50, I can honestly say I feel I have the energy of a 30 year old. I was blown away with the new brighter, shinier me.. let alone fitting into a size 8 skinny jeans!

...and these are some of my friends who have achieved incredible new bodies, better skin, increased muscle tone and happier minds..

Now it's your turn

How would you like to sky rocket your health so you burst out of the gates in 2016 with strength and vitality? We are running a 16 week challenge, details will be announced on Monday 21st December, on our online Zoom Webinar featuring a world champion surfer, athletes, personal trainers and health coaches. We are really encouraging everyone to take their lives to a whole new level of health and wellbeing in 2016, RSVP me for the a call in details.

16 week global challenge

How do you get going?

You've got time to get organised and enjoy the festivities. Kick off dates are January 11 & 18. We are hosting another introduction call on Mon 11 January if you can't make tommorow night and they will be backed up with fortnightly zooms for fun accountability and questions..

We maxed out our last online session, spots are **limited** so please be quick to RSVP to me directly and secure your log-on details. Over the 16 weeks.. * to achieve the body shape and level of health YOU desire * to look and feel your best * to take your personal development and dreams to the next level * to have a clear outlook and focus

What's included:

* full body cleanse and nutrition programme that provide dense nutrition that allows our bodies to thrive. * meal planners & workouts * WIN up to $10,000K * private FB group + beautiful supportive community * one on one coaching * individualised programs to suit your goals and budget

What your 'shakes' look like


What your meals look like


What your exercise and quiet time look like

I'm so excited to be ramping up my training and wellness so I burst out of the 2016 gates like a firecracker! Who's joining me? Can't wait, RSVP me if you can!

Caroline xx

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