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course work

Here you will find Caroline's go to plant based recipes along with egg free, meat free, gluten free suggestions.

They have been separated in to sections.


Go to the recipe index tab to locate a particular recipe. Each section has a welcome video explaining the weeks dishes in more detail.


Enjoy your cooking and let me know your fav's.  

Caroline's xxx

course work

You will find over 74 recipes plus masses of plant-based hints and tips from Caroline to encourage and inspire you to eat less meat. The recipes are  divided into 6 sections that . At the beginning of each week.

Watch Caroline's informative introduction video which will give you some insight into the weeks selection of recipes. 

Any questions  contact Caroline via  Facebook Group Caroline's Kitchen Wisdom 

Week 2

Vegan Recipes 

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Week 1
Watch the Welcome
Week 1
Eat Once Cook Twice Vegan Recipes 
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Week 4 

Recipes-  Vegan Energy Snacks &  Drinks

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Week 3 

Super Vegan Breakfast Recipes

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Week 5 

Recipes - Vegan Dairy Free and Gluten Free Baking

Week 6

Cooking For a Crowd

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