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Rather than give you a huge list of what should go and what should stay.. I thought I would show you a VISUAL of how MY larder used to look (yes I too was a diet coke fiend).

Before you get going on the cleanse.. it's a wise move to spring clean your food cupboards.. eliminate anything vaguely junk like, biscuits, sweets, anything sugary, milk chocolate, packet cappuccino drinks, tinned foods with preservatives, sugary juices and squashes, Heinz Baked Beans is a no no, biscuits, cereals, chips, diet coke, alcohol (hide it), coffee and the machine. Hide it or chuck it.. The thing is ... once you've got through this.. you will want to feel this GOOD for life. It is in fact a LIFESTYLE... all of us last weekend at Sophie's party ALL pulled out the shakes for breakfast we have all been taking Isagenix for 2- 3 years .. It's just become completely natural and normal part of our daily lives. Once you've completed your 30days it's only just the beginning.. it's unlikely you will feel you want to go back, you just feel better and better!

Stock up on raw nuts, almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, pepita sunflowers, chia seeds, they are great for fast snacking and quick pudding. Think about transferring to organic meats. To save money try use cheaper cuts and slow cook them. Also, I really recommend ORGANIC milk if you've not already swapped and personally I go for gluten free pastas.

Happy Friday night!! Feet up for me!

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