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Today was a good day. Just a few years ago there were only a handful of farmed animal sanctuaries in Australia. Now they can be found in nearly all states of Australia. These sanctuaries care for animals rescued from the animal agriculture industries and look after them for the rest of their lives. I had a lovely day in Wollombi at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary to meet all the residents that are free to be themselves, living the life every animal deserves – free from harm and suffering. Debbie and Jamie are the passion behind the incredible charity,

'The majority of farmed animals in this country, and worldwide, are stuck in the horrific farming system that exists today. The sanctuary movement represents to us the potential to recreate a positive paradigm for our relationship with animals. Farm animal sanctuaries such as Where Pigs Fly gives us the platform to show people “this is how it could be”. Farmed animals living in peace, free from harm and suffering. Worldwide, we are in an increasing wave of social consciousness surrounding animal rights. We hope to play a small part in making that wave bigger with all you good people out there. For the animals.'

The Day attracted around 150 people from far and wide, many city dwellers who have never come into contact with a LIVING farm anima! Ruby was in charge of a 2 week old lamb, whilst old timers Bubbles and Spot the sheep loved the attention from the visitors.

Seamus (Shay/mus) was born on a working sheep farm that breed and raise sheep for meat and wool. He was just a few days old when his eyes were pecked out by crows, rendering him completely blind. Seamus was found in the paddock and taken in by the farmer before finding his forever home at Where Pigs Fly. Seamus has flourished at the sanctuary and does not let his perceived disability stop him from leading a full and happy life. He learns his surroundings by following sounds and has forged a close friendship with Bubbles, the rescue piglet, who guides him through the day with her piggy grunts. The pair are never apart and can often be seen sitting under a tree relaxing together. Seamus’ other senses have strengthened significantly to compensate for his lack of sight. He can sniff out a feed bucket from a great distance and his highly developed spatial awareness means there is little delay in reaching it. A favourite of many sanctuary visitors, Seamus is much loved for his gentle, playful nature.

Molly was used as bait by humans to train pig-hunting dogs. When she was found both her ears had been ripped off and she had large, open sores over her body. The absolute terror and pain Molly would have gone through is heartbreaking. Thankfully, all the cruelty she ensured is behind her now. Molly is now on a mission – as a sanctuary ambassador she opens hearts and minds and inspires change towards a better world for all animals. Molly is home now, safe and loved. She need never worry again.

Bubbles was found dodging traffic on a busy rural highway, just hours old. A couple traveling home to Sydney spotted the little piglet and, after a daring rescue, captured her safely. Bubbles traveled home in the arms of her rescuer, completely unaware of her good fortune. On closer inspection of the piglet, she had several scrapes over her small, frail body and a missing nail from one of her trotters – tell-tale signs that she had fallen from a livestock truck. Bubbles arrived at Where Pigs Fly weighing in at just 950g, with a big personality to compensate for her size as she grew into her new surroundings. Bubbles’ gentle, sassy and curious nature has won the hearts of millions as her story continues to reach around the globe. In a world that hasn’t been kind to her kind, she is a little pig on a big mission to inspire change for pigs like her and encourage a more compassionate world for all animals.

Learn more about the animals stories at Where Pigs Fly, sponsor one of these gorgeous pets, or buy a super cool designer T shirt. The charity is totally reliant of support from the public.

There are many different farmed animals who call Where Pigs Fly home from hens to horses to cows to pigs. Most have been rescued from cases of abuse, neglect or abandonment. With the your help they can make a difference for the millions of farmed animals who have no voice. Their unique, individual stories raise awareness towards the suffering that continues unabated in animal agriculture.

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