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Start as you mean to go on! New Year New You?


Hello friends, Happy New Year and I hope you’ve all had a wonderful time. I don’t know about you.. about now is the time I like to get everything off my chest and plan my 2016 with health and wellness in mind. My preference is to get it down on paper. 2015 is long gone and now is the time to thing afresh. Maybe spend the next few days putting together a gorgeous Vision Board.. Get lost in possibilities, use Pinterest to inspire you, for if you can believe it you can DO it. (I will keep you posted of the next Vision Boarding workshop coming soon) Putting pen to paper is like magic, it all comes to fruition if you can see it. Keep it in a place where you read it often. For those of you joining my 16 Week Challenge making a vision board will really help focus your health and life goals for that time. Here is what's coming up this month from Caroline’s Kitchen Wisdom Wellness Hub of Thermomix Recipes, Workshops, Offers, News, Classes, Fasts and Isagenix Wellness Combo’s. 1. CAROLINE’S SUPERFOOD HOME COOKERY DEMOS They will be back on Thursday January 14th 10.30 - 1pm. We will be cooking summer recipes based on SUPERFOODS, HEALTH, WELLNESS and FOOD TO HELP US FEEL FABULOUS for 2016. Running alongside a MIND BODY AND SOUL global movement I am part of we will be reviewing Jo Whittons cook book, Sarah Wilsons Supercilious cook book as well as my own new superfood recipes. These classes are for my Thermomix and Isagenix customers as well as potential customers who are interested to see the Thermomix in action.. Let me know if you would like to join in these classes coming up.. I plan to run them fortnightly.


2 JUST ANNOUNCED .. FOR THERMOMIX OWNERS… RARE BOWL AND BLADE OFFER As you know having an extra bowl and blade is fantastic addition to your Thermomix smart kitchen. and it is RARELY offered to purchase. They have a limited amount OF TIME to give this offer to us due to stock, and is being offered at a much reduced rate of $225. So if you feel you could do with an extra bowl and blade I urge you to consider this offer. I am absolutely desperate for one.. it’s just so brilliant to have an additional bowl and blade when cooking lots of dishes, like rice, curry’s, soups and puddings all at the same time. Conditions are: You host a demo, I’ll cook for you and you invite 2 -3 people to join us. If one person purchases you are eligible for the offer. For NON OWNERS.. You host your own demo, I’ll cook for you and you purchase the Thermomix TM5 There is a short time period when this offer will run from 15th January - So do let me know if this interests you and we will plug in the time and demos. There are a variety of ways to pay for a Thermomix, just ask me how.

3. LAST FEW DAYS OF INTEREST FREE THERMOMIX OWNERSHIP… For those who are still on the fence. These are the last few days of the Interest Free offer - which ENDS ON 11TH JANUARY. Then will go up to the usual $45 a week! This gives everyone a chance to have a Thermomix on their Kitchen work top for $22 a week. The Thermomix just keeps giving back and you will certainly find you will have far less bought meals, sauces, ice creams, pizzas.. as the smart kitchen gives so much to your purse and back to the quality of your life in the kitchen. Let me know if I can help you or if this offer would help someone else.


mind body soul

Join our collective Body. Mind. Soul Global Movement and LIGHT UP 2016 - 11th & 18th January kick off:

I came across this very interesting article that make absolute sense to me regarding real food vs nutritionally enhanced foods. It’s always very important to decipher who you are talking to.. the well educated natural health and fitness junky or the overweight and out of shape person who does not have the first clue about nutrition.

We are what we eat, it’s a simple and very true fact. When eat the right way.. our body feels MAGIC…we can FEEL the shift towards optimum fitness and health. But it can be overwhelming and hard work.

There are so many people peddling different ways to loose the weight at this time of year. But very few are offering a holistic mind body and soul online programme supported by webinars and one on one mentoring. Get your head straight and the rest will follow, don't you agree?

The cost is a staggering cheap $49 or free when you complete the 16 weeks. The other cost is the superfood food that you consume.. plus supplementation that is recommend for you in your personal goal plan. All the hard work and cost is taken out of the equation. You can create your NEW normal that feels fantastic in a very simple format:

How would it feel to be present and engaged as opposed to frazzled, scattered and ‘busy’.

Learn how to change your thoughts that will in turn change your life

Other bonuses are:

Achieve the shape and health you desire

Look, feel & Be your best

Actually Enjoy yourself with ease & fun

WIN up to $10,000K**

Private Facebook group + supportive international community

One on one coaching

Different programs to suit goals and budget

Fortnightly interactive online sessions

Kick-off dates January 11 & January 18

Designed to empower, inspire, support and challenge you

Talk to me if this seems like something you would like to be a part of.

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