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go vegan

How easy is it to go vegan?

flexible vegan

Can I give up some meat  occasionally? 

eat for health

Is eating a plant based diet healthier?

earth friendly

How can I make better choices for the planet?


Go Vegan

These days it's much easier than you think. But remember reducing meat after a life time of eating meat can take time. Take it a few days at a time, introduce Vegan Foods gently and take B12 supplement. 


Flexible Vegan

Don't feel shamed if you have feel you need an egg occasionally. All our bodies are different. Choose recipes that are fun and treaty, it's not all beans and more beans! 


Eat For Health

 A lot of today's diseases relate to meat eating. As well as helping the planet you will be doing your body a favour by cutting back on meat.


Earth Friendly

Animal farming is the biggest cause of global warming. When eating out choose food that is organic or has been grown locally to you. Or choose an orange over an orange juice in a plastic bottle. 

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