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My adventure into eating less meat began over a four years ago whilst I was living in Sydney, Australia. I started to move away from cooking a predominate meaty recipes.  


I had eaten meat all my life. Cooked foods full of cream, meat, fish, dairy eggs with great gusto and joy!


It was programmed into my psyche.

Really all my life I have suffered from allergies and so had my son and diary made a huge difference to our helath when we didn't have it. But being a foodie and lover of my wine, cheese and bread I found that a hard one to loose. Then I sat down with my bread and cheese, glass of wine for a night of Netflix. I watched Cowspiracy! 

​Since a child I always had a rather ominous sad feeling before I ate meat or the animals and fish I had drawn or read about in my children's books. The sadness of the animals life flowed over me. I stopped eating bacon a very long time ago. Really the film Babe bought that one home to me! Others laughed at my sentimental babyisness. But I couldn't help thinking these creatures are really no different to us. They have hearts, livers, kidneys, brains, ears to hear, sounds to make, eyes a sense of smell. Emotions. Instincts that protect and nurture their young. Yet my insatiable appetite for their flesh just shielded my better judgement.  It looked sanitized in the supermarket. Wrapped in plastic. And tasted good. So what?



After watching this, my decision was immediate to be become vegan. I remember texting my friend the next day.. and said THAT WAS IT!! Call me Mrs Vegan.


This epidemic of animal exploitation by humans for our pleasure was effecting our planet!! Something had to be done. I was not quite sure what I was letting myself if for. But Cowspiracy was the straw that broke the camels back.

I felt principled. And compelled. I started gently.. but was keen to announce to everyone that I met that I WAS A VEGAN! Bewildered friends looked on fearful of my sanity. But something inside me was driving me to this point. I didn't let it rule me. I needed to learn the ropes first before I launched head first into a complete U turn. If I wanted a boiled egg I had one. If I felt like salmon I ate it. I didn't put the pressure on. But I read more about plant based eating and joined vegan groups. After a short time of transitioning into purely eating a plant based diet. I realised with joy and jubilation that WE COULD eat delicious food and it DIDN'T have to cost us the planet, harm the animals or my health. Revelation!

And this is  what sparked the cookery course. So if any of story resonates with you! And you have been feeling a nudge to make the change. Then lets do this together.

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