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You may never know the result of your actions. But if you do nothing, there

will be no change. 



In 2016 I became a whole food plant based consumer and finally a vegan!  The vegan part gradually but these are three main reasons.. 

No 1 - Diary made my asthma symptoms worse... my friend also got breast cancer. We both madly read up on foods to eat and foods to avoid.. and dairy was a huge no no. The penny dropped... calves milk is for calves not for humans. 

No 2  - I got a rescue dog. Who had particular mental health issues. Which bought to my attention that animals are individuals not a collective species. they are all different. The compassion I felt for this lost little animal who was sensitive, anxious and craved affection, opened my eyes to the possibility that other four legged animals could suffer also. Suddenly that juicy, pink leg of lamb on Sunday looked a lot like Ozzy’s leg… 

Animals who have hearts, lungs, eyes, ears and emotions and a maternal longing for their young. Surely they have feelings too? Well I now know they do. 

No 3.. I watched the film Cowspricacy...  the final nail in the carnivore coffin for me. It so impressed upon me that it’s not just about MY health or kindness to animals but it’s the health of the planet my son will inherit. Jeeeezzz and as all mothers know.  A mother will lay down their life, for their child. 

Overnight. I became a vegan. Point Blank., I felt compelled that maybe I could help others, with my 20 years experience and background in food publishing, education, Food TV, Cookery Books and Food Styling. 

If you feel the same. as me,  I'd love to help you make the change. Message me for more info. 

Caroline with a bull
adopted dog

A few of my favourite animals and people who have come into my life. They all have one thing in common.

Cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, ducks, dogs, horses, turkey's and humans want to live.

Be loved and be free. 

Take a look at this lot if you are interested in animals, the planet and better health choices for you and your family. 


what the health

learn to eat vegan?

-  like to learn how to eat less meat and learn how to transition to a plant based  diet 

- be interested in Caroline coming to your event to demonstrate her plant based lifestyle 

be interested in coming to a the next Wellness Project event in Sydney or Melbourne

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