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"We are not a body with a soul, but a soul with a body"

 Life HARMONY in 9 steps

We are all so busy with our families, children, parents, jobs, colleagues, animals or just surving in general. It can become easy to forget about nourishing our spirits and her inner harmony, and if left, it can be starved of attention and suddenley you are in overwhelm. Take a look at these little tips for living in better harmony with the world around us.

Try writing daily Affirmations or 'prayers' on post it notes or in a notebook diary,  I'ts incredible how they manifest your ideal life through concious shift in behaviour. Create an outratgeous vision board with all the things you most want in your life. Challenge yourself to make one lifestyle change for the better, until it becomes an unconcious habit and just part of you. With each step follow the video links.


1. Nourish your body

Prevention is better than cure. Why not avoid the doctor if we can?  Living in the modern world opens us out to array of toxic chemicals that can slow our bodies down and encourage dis-ease. A healthy functional body is the bedrock to our whole beings. Living in a healthy vibrant body full of vitality allows our spirit to spread wide and reach it's full potential.

Ensure you are fuelling your body with wholefoods and nutrient dense sustenance.

 Find out more here.

2. Learn to Cook

Ditch the fast food junk and make your meals from scratch. Enrol in a cooking class. Plan your meals ahead and aim to make something different each week. We use the Thermomix in the CKW which makes cooking from scratch even easier.  We know longer need to buy ready mades sauces, relishes or dressings, it's great for people on special diets as it's so easy to grind seeds, nuts and make flours for our gluten free bread.


You dont need a Thermomix to cook healthy food it just makes life easier. This is very funny..  Check out the Kattering girls. 

3. Be a great friend

It’s amazing we are so connected however less disconnected to our needs. Face to face contact is getting rarer... and finding ways to say thankyou seems to be getting harder.  Send a cheeful text to someone you've not spoken to in a while.  Watch this TED Talk.


Stop what you are doing, and pick up the phone and make a date with someone you love.

4. Get active

Get moving and do whatever takes your fancy... Exercise releases serotonin to the brain and keeps your body stretched, strong and heart beating!

Watch here.

Do whatever makes moving your body feel good and  do it often. Dance has the added benefits of laughter!

5. Turn off the technology

Take weekend 'time outs', when you turn the phone off. Relax. Read. Zone out. Walk in nature, earth your body and walk on a wet beach or wet grass bare foot. Make sure you organise to 'get away'  to a new environment at least twice a year.. at home or abroad. Set it in stone and don't allow work or worries to interfere. Spend time sitting in silence and listening to your inner voice. Put on an affirmation audio and practice peaceful mediation each day. Whatever does it for you? Listen to Arianna Huffington and read her book Thrive.






6. Laugh out loud often

Look at the time you are was spending on activities that raise your happiness levels.

How about trying laughing yoga, It raises your energies and creates and 10 minutes daily is the the perfect start to the day.  Watch John Cleese here.

Avoid depressing, sad or troubling viewing either on TV or websites, turn off the news and don't read or see the news for a week. The energy we give these sad stories is contagious and exudes bad energy!


7. Find your Calling

Take a look at what you spend the majority of your time doing. Is it a vocation you love to do and does it feel like you were meant to do it, is it your calling?
For me, I love cooking for others.  But whatever you do, don't let money be the guide let your heart and passion lead the way. Listen to Oprah.


 Get a picture of what you would like to do and keep it in your mind. What you do has got to enliven your soul.



8. Look after your inner self

Did you know your heart is more powerful than the brain? It's electro magnetic field of heat extends 12 feet. So looking after our emotions is probably the most healthful thing you can do. Go out side every day. Look up and be grateful for nature. It is when you are working

on your inner self, that you create solutions and connections with your true essence.

Get rid of all the negative labels you have given your self. Nurture you spiritual side with mediation and affirmations, prayers. We love listening to Louise Hay, Dr Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue and Listen to Abraham Hicks.


Meditate every day for at least 15-20 minutes.

Look upward and outward. Acknowledge thanks that the Universe is guiding you and with you in everything you do.




9. Do random gifts of kindness

Choose ways that allow you either to give your time for someone less able than you. Practice giving, with out receiving. Put money into a random parking meter, give anonymously, pay for a stranger's coffee every day of this week. A feeling of peace and contentment will be your reward. Watch Random Acts of Kindness.

Notice acts of kindness and focus on the good in other people, they are all on the same journey as you, with the same struggles. Make love not war.


Think daily of how may I serve others. Extend love outwardly, give what you no longer need or use away to charity or someone in need.


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